Cultivating Culture, Care & Community.

Radiate Apothecary is a one stop source for natural living and healthy eating. The fermentation bar is in the pocket of Miami's coolest neighborhood cultivating culture, care and community.

Fermentation Apothecary

Serving Kombucha, Kombucha Popsicles, Vegan Kefir Ice Cream Pops and other fermented delicious medicinal healing offerings.

Holistic Beauty Bar

Radiate Apothecary is stocked with handmade “edible” beauty products such as hair shampoo and oils, deodorant, toothpaste, healing oil blends and so much more... 

Healing Food Community

Radiate Raw Food Community is designed to offer nutritional support. Offering monthly subscriptions providing weekly boxes to fulfill plant based nutritional voids. These boxes offer amazing support to all eating plans (not just for vegetarians!)  


See respective pages for complete menu offerings.